Private Practice Dr. med. Suzan Artik

Skin Cancer

There has been a dramatic increase in the number of new cases of the various types of skin cancer (malignant melanoma, basalioma and spinocellular carcinoma (= squamous-cell carcinoma)), especially as a result of increasing exposure to sunlight (more frequent vacations, solarium), but also due to the growing intensity of the Sun's radiation as a result of the ozone hole. In addition, however, a role is also played by other, previously unknown factors, as well as genetic factors.

An annual skin cancer checkup is recommendable, particularly for people with fair skin and hair. Signs of the development of "white skin cancer" (spinocellular carcinoma, basalioma) include stubborn crusts (particularly on the face), dilated veinlets, red patches, papules and bleeding. "Black skin cancer", a malignant melanoma, is more dangerous, but also less common. It frequently develops from existing birthmarks. Particular attention should be paid to changes in birthmarks (asymmetry, irregular borders, different pigments, increase in size (> 5 mm), proudness), as well as to new birthmarks occurring in adulthood.

Our practice offers skin cancer screening, skin cancer therapy, and skin cancer aftercare, as well as providing advice on preventing skin cancer.