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Medical Career of Dr. Suzan Artik

University study

Study of Human Medicine at Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf and at Harvard Medical School in Boston/USA (practical year, Internal Medicine)


Title: "Infectious catheter complications and peritonitis during continuous outpatient peritoneal dialysis". Grade:magna cum laude

Original articles

  1. Oral versus intraperitoneal application of clindamycin in tunnel infections
     A prospective, randomized study in CAPD patients.
    J. Plum, S. Artik, T. Busch, K.Sahin, und B. Grabensee; Peritoneal Dialysis International  17: 486–492 (1997)

  2. Leg ulcers associated with sideroblastic anemia.
    S. Artik, A. Miller, P. Bretschneider, N.Y. Schürer, und T. Ruzicka; Dermatology 197: 397–398 (1998)

  3. Nickel allergy in mice: enhanced sensitization capacity of nickel at higher oxidation states.
    S. Artik, C. v. Vultée, E. Gleichmann, T. Schwarz, und P. Griem; J Immunol 163: 1143–1152 (1999)
  4. Clinical Picture: The man allergic to money.
    S. Artik, T. Heisterkamp, J. Krutmann, T. Ruzicka, und M. Grewe; The Lancet  357:1650 (2001)
  5. Tolerance to nickel: oral nickel administration induces a high frequency of anergic T cells with persistent suppressor activity.
    S. Artik, K. Haarhuis, X. Wu, J. Begerow, und E. Gleichmann; J Immunol 167: 167: 6794–6803 (2001)
  6. Pityriasis rubra pilaris: Fallberichte und Übersicht der Literatur.
    S. Artik, M. Megahed, und T. Ruzicka; Der Hautarzt 54: 858–863 (2003)
  7. Complementary therapy for atopic eczema and other allergic skin diseases.
    S. Artik und T. Ruzicka; Dermatologic Therapy 16: 150–163 (2003)
  8. Infectious nickel tolerance: a reciprocal interplay of tolerogenic APCs and T suppressor cells that is driven by immunization.
    K. Roelofs-Haarhuis, X. Wu, M. Nowak, M. Fang, S. Artik, und E. Gleichmann; J Immunol 171: 2863–2872 (2003)
  9. Tolerance induction towards nickel: from animal model to humans.
    S. Artik, E. Gleichmann, und T. Ruzicka; Der Hautarzt  55: 1052–1059 (2004) Review
  10. Purely cutaneous Rosai-Dorfman disease.
    H. Plettenberg, S. Artik, A. Kuhn, M. Megahed, T. Ruzicka, und R. Kruse; Der Hautarzt 55: 969–971 (2004)
  11. Pityriasis rubra pilaris.
    S. Artik, A. Kuhn, N. J. Neumann, T. Ruzicka, und M. Megahed; Der Hautarzt 55: 980–983 (2004)
  12. Treatment of therapy-resistant acral ulcers with iloprost.
    S. von Schmiedeberg, S. Artik, T. Assmann, M. Megahed, und T. Ruzicka; Der Hautarzt 55: 1150–1153 (2004)

    Book articles
  1. Atopisches Ekzem
    S. Artik und T. Ruzicka in ; Lehrbuch der Dermatologie und Vernerologie, Hrsg. Hengge/Ruzicka, 2006, Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH Stuttgart
  2. Therapy of Atopic Eczema: Synopsis
    T. Ruzicka, S. Artik, J. Ring, und B. Przybilla; Synopsis für das Lehrbuch: Handbook of Atopic Eczema, 2nd    Edition, Springer Verlag

    Other research activities
  1. Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 503: "Analysis of immune tolerance towards the contact allergen nickel"
  2. Research project at Heinrich Heine University, Düsseldorf (investigator: Ms. H. Dräger)
  3. Nickel allergy and tolerance: Randomized, double-blind trial in allergic and non-allergic persons

    Research prizes
  1. Poster prize at the "Satellite Meeting on Skin Immunology", Stockholm, 2001
    Nickel allergy in mice can be prevented by transferring 102 anergic T cells with suppressor activity.
  2. Fujisawa Immunomodulation Research Prize 2003
    Analysis of nickel allergy and tolerance of nickel: from animal model to humans.


    Berufsverband der Deutschen Dermatologen (BVDD – Professional Association of German Dermatologists)